Walking on a tightrope without a net

We live in pretty precarious times. There’s a lot of unemployment (and underemployment) and  people are very unsure about the future. All we can really do is just remain hopeful and be persistent in our job searches.

I have always wanted to write a very funny movie script. Not silly funny or stupid funny but LOL  or ROTFLMAO  funny about the precariousness of life and our current situation. Emphasizing the actual as in “Love Actually” without all the mushy stuff. Kind of like in “Stranger than a Fiction” where the guy is living a boring life and someone starts narrating his every move before he has a big life change and he is supposed to die. I love that part when he gets frustrated and yells out “Stop narrating me!” As if the narrator could hear him or really stop.

Anyway, back to the movies… In the film “Up in the Air” the main characters lifestyle of constant travel, rather cool professionalism and his lack of commitment are kind of a metaphor for the affect his job has on other people’s lives. He works for a firm that specializes in laying people off or firing them. Unlike some other people, he does not hate his job. He flies to a location, goes to the company, does what he came to do by putting a positive spin on it and he leaves. You could say he works for a human resources consulting firm. He’s happy with his life because his constant travel allows him to avoid commitment and not get tied down by anyone anywhere. This changes when a new company employee is challenged to learn his job and he has to bring this much younger and inexperienced person along with him. He also meets a beautiful woman in his age group who seems to have the exact same values as he does. Note that I said seems. In reality she is far worse than he would ever be. The fact is that through his interpersonal reactions with these two women and his sisters (the younger one is getting married while the older one chides him for not being more involved in their lives) by the end of the film he is questioning his choices. Does he really want to continue living this life? Does he want to continue avoiding commitment? Does he really want to be lonely? One gets the feeling that he will definitely interact with his sisters but what about the rest? It turns out in the end that the man who delivered the bad news to so many people which left their lives uncertain and up in the air, suddenly is unsure about his own future and the film ends with his life also being up in air. It is a very intelligent film with several levels on meaning because of the metaphor that is even present in the title of the work.

a shout out of kudos to George Clooney for taking a chance on love again. If anyone deserves it, he does, especially with a human right lawyer.

Next blog is about the movie “Tower Heist” and what is says about our times. I may throw in some comments about the documentaries “Inside Job” narrated by Matt Damon and “Inequality for All” by Robert Reich.  Ttly, Lori


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