Forrest Gump

If someone asked me what my favorite movie was I would immediately say Forrest Gump. I’m watching It for the umpteenth time but I have to say that i do learn something new every time I watch it. I love how the narration is set up, that Forrest’s monologue basically introduces each part of his narration. For example, Forrest remarks that he doesn’t know what it would be like to have a brother and immediately after that starts the part about how he went into the army and met Bubba, who would become like a brother to him. I love the cultural references to Gilligan’s Island and Captain Kangaroo and don’t forget the soundtrack. This time I can’t help but notice how quickly things changed in the film after desegregation. However, I would argue that we still had a long way to go after I came back from living in Brazil in the mid eighties.

Forrest Gump is a very important work for our country because it deals with a difficult time period in our history. Our not so distant past was wrought with drastic changes and a war in which a good part of the country didn’t want to be involved. The movie, which combined humor, drama and even tragedy, was a type of panacea for the America psyche at the time. The political situation of that time had a direct effect on our how things are done in our country day, especially in regard to politics and the media. Because of our nations reaction to the Vietnam war, our government entered into convert actions that were kept out of the media and eventually declared wars even though a large part of the population was against them (for example, Iraq). We have gotten to the point where we can be against a war but still support the troops fighting that war because of what vets went through when they came back from Vietnam. Of course, I don’t think vets should have to go through what they have to put up with today, homelessness, lack of benefits, low pay, etc….


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