A Time to a Forgive

Years ago I was studying Spanish in college and there was a very short story by Jorge Luis Borges in the textbook. It’s a strange story about Cain and Abel and I have used it several times while teaching. Basically, they meet years (or centuries) later and Abel had forgotten that Cain killed him. But Cain doesn’t forget, because he still feels remorse.
Yesterday I saw the movie “The Railway Man.” It is a similar story except the main character Lomax played by Colin Firth is a former P.O.W. Of the Japanese during WWII. He suffers from PTSD from being tortured.
I would rather not tell what happens in the film because I would rather that people actually see it, even though at times it is hard to watch. However, I learned a lot about history and the story is rather humbling in that someone forgives someone else against incredible odds.
The question is: do we decide to forgive or do we forgive when we no longer remember or care about the offense. Or like Lomax, do we forgive after we obtain another perspective.
I don’t remember how Siskel and Ebert rated the movies in the past but I would give this one a lot of thumbs up!
By the way, I promise to get back to The Hunger Games soon.


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