A work in progress, but aren’t we all…

I was unemployed for a long time and of course, I was worried. I was told don’t worry and don’t dwell on your anger, just keep looking for a job, keep busy. So I did because it made me feel useful. But, in time, I had some welcome distractions. My Dad got very sick. I couldn’t be near him so I prayed for him. A friend’s dog died, so I prayed for her. An old classmate was stuck overseas in a war, so I prayed for him and his family. A Facebook friend’s friend was sick, I prayed for them. There was political upheaval in a far-off country because their neighbor to the east invaded. I prayed for them. I continued praying for anyone or anything that needed my prayers and found out that people were praying for me. I didn’t get everything I wanted but I did end up with a pretty good job….but I still haven’t stopped praying.


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