Inter generational anxiety

For years I kept a copy of National Geographic because it contained a fascinating article about the human brain and all the new things that the scientific community was learning at the time. It compared twins, one had schizophrenia and the other one didn’t. I wondered (and still do) why one twin would be “normal” why the other one suffered from that disease.

I had also read up on other mental illnesses. It turns out that many or most are genetic. If fact, I had also read about an anxiety gene. I wonder if anything has changed on the one.

I suffer from OCD and depression. I had always been a worrier and it took me years of hard work to get to where I am today. However, I am somewhat fragile and sometimes it feels like things could fall apart easily. One of my parents is like this but has never been diagnosed, but now a third generation is showing the symptoms. So does this anxiety gene exist? How are our brains different from those of people who do not suffer from anxiety? These are questions I hope to answer, even though I may have to wait for science to catch up to my queries.


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