Is “Proof” the New “X-files?

What happens after we die? Plenty of people claim to have the answer. Some say nothing. Others say you walk to a light. Still others say you go to a good place (heaven), if you have been good, a bad place (hell), if you have been bad and an in between place if it’s undecided by a supreme being. But will we ever have proof? When people report their near death experiences they are often not taken seriously but who else can really on besides those that have almost “crossed over to the other side?”

“Proof” seems to be willing to offer many so-called fictional accounts of near death experiences. I sat so- called fiction because the material used in the stories may come from real experiences. Why not since “Law and Order” episodes are often ripped from the headlines.

But, like the doctor in the program, I don’t think this is something that will ever be resolved and everyone will continue to have their own opinions or beliefs about what happens after we die. So, to each his or her own, as they say because everyone has a right to their own belief system.

I believe in heaven and hell but I can’t help but believe that he’ll is a state of mind. Maybe heaven is also a state of mind. image


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