The Half time Show

When I was in school, I played soccer. I was pretty good too. The team in high school didn’t get to play on campus, instead we played out by the local university, so we didn’t attract a big crowd but small groups did come to watch, mainly girls. I think they were there for John. He was one of the cutest guys in school. Girls would follow him down the hall. One time I was walking down the hall and John went by and the girl in front of me made a sharp turn and took off after him down the hall. I told my sister about that since she and friends tended to follow him too. John didn’t appreciate the attention. He didn’t want it to bother his girl.

One day in September a group of girls came to the game. It wasn’t the first time they came. Half way through the game they went up to the coach and asked him if it was halftime. He said yeah, I guess so. We are taking a break. The girls let out a holler and ran onto the field. They started doing round ups and cartwheels. They did a silly cheer or two, some more acrobats and then acted like they were little kids playing airplane. We didn’t pay attention at first but after awhile we couldn’t ignore them. They were making too much noise. They let out a hoop and holler before coming back to the sidelines. We couldn’t help but laugh at their antics. They were funny so we applauded as they came over. We headed back into the field and won the game. I like to think our impromptu cheerleaders brought us luck.


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