The light is incredibly bright and white. People appear out of nowhere but seem to be placed in one of many lines. After they get over the initial shock over their arrival, they begin to talk.

– Where am I? Where are we?

– I have no idea. I’m just as bewildered as you.

– What were you doing? I was watching the news and heard a loud pop. All of a sudden I was here.

– I had been sick for a very long time and in immense pain. I guess I fell asleep but woke up here.

His new friend pinches him and he yelps. – Uh, you’re not asleep!

– Then where are we?

They watch a new arrival materialize and notice that she looks really old at first but slowly becomes younger right before their eyes.

-Wow! How did you do that?

The woman in front of them looked bewildered. – Do what?

-Got younger, right before our eyes!

– I can’t explain that. I can’t see myself.

– How old are you?

-Eighty five.

– Not anymore!


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