Bixby goes to…?

Bixby was finding his afterlife quite strange and unexpected. After bring plagued, at what seemed like forever, with audio and visual hallucination of the most grotesque kind, he was finally enjoying peace. First he saw a very bright light that he walked towards. Suddenly an old friend who had died years ago joined  him and explained where they were going and what they were doing. Because Bixby didn’t really believe in God, no divine being met him at pearly gates or some other grand entrance. Rather, he and his friend continued walking toward the light and were joined by other friends and relatives who had left their former existence before him. In the meantime, he began to hear the sound of crashing waves and other sounds of the ocean. The people with him didn’t seem to notice as the light slowly turned in to beautiful beach.

Any time that Bixby thought of what he had left behind – his family, his friends, his job – they all became fleeting memories, with a reminder that one day, sooner than he thought, they would be reunited.

What left was a peaceful, blissful eternity spent with the ones he loved and doing whatever he wanted with the added advantage of meeting new friends, remarkable people who existed long before he was born.

So here’s to Bixby who has become a high angel of creativity. We will miss him on Earth but may he enjoy his afterlife.

Do you believe in an afterlife? What is it to you?


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