Bixby goes to…?

Bixby was finding his afterlife quite strange and unexpected. After bring plagued, at what seemed like forever, with audio and visual hallucination of the most grotesque kind, he was finally enjoying peace. First he saw a very bright light that he walked towards. Suddenly an old friend who had died years ago joined  him and explained where they were going and what they were doing. Because Bixby didn’t really believe in God, no divine being met him at pearly gates or some other grand entrance. Rather, he and his friend continued walking toward the light and were joined by other friends and relatives who had left their former existence before him. In the meantime, he began to hear the sound of crashing waves and other sounds of the ocean. The people with him didn’t seem to notice as the light slowly turned in to beautiful beach.

Any time that Bixby thought of what he had left behind – his family, his friends, his job – they all became fleeting memories, with a reminder that one day, sooner than he thought, they would be reunited.

What left was a peaceful, blissful eternity spent with the ones he loved and doing whatever he wanted with the added advantage of meeting new friends, remarkable people who existed long before he was born.

So here’s to Bixby who has become a high angel of creativity. We will miss him on Earth but may he enjoy his afterlife.

Do you believe in an afterlife? What is it to you?


Bird White

Laura loved painting outdoors. She would try to paint in the park but often she just worked on her deck. She preferred painting with acrylic but she also liked water colors. She liked doing landscapes, especially beach scenes. She loved to try to make the waves look as real as possible. One day some birds flew over her head and all of a sudden, “splat!”

“Really! I didn’t want white there! Thanks a lot!”

However, one doesn’t know what she did next. Did she through the painting away? Did she somehow make the spot look like part of the painting? Did she let it dry and give it as a gift to a friend? One never knows.

The Half time Show

When I was in school, I played soccer. I was pretty good too. The team in high school didn’t get to play on campus, instead we played out by the local university, so we didn’t attract a big crowd but small groups did come to watch, mainly girls. I think they were there for John. He was one of the cutest guys in school. Girls would follow him down the hall. One time I was walking down the hall and John went by and the girl in front of me made a sharp turn and took off after him down the hall. I told my sister about that since she and friends tended to follow him too. John didn’t appreciate the attention. He didn’t want it to bother his girl.

One day in September a group of girls came to the game. It wasn’t the first time they came. Half way through the game they went up to the coach and asked him if it was halftime. He said yeah, I guess so. We are taking a break. The girls let out a holler and ran onto the field. They started doing round ups and cartwheels. They did a silly cheer or two, some more acrobats and then acted like they were little kids playing airplane. We didn’t pay attention at first but after awhile we couldn’t ignore them. They were making too much noise. They let out a hoop and holler before coming back to the sidelines. We couldn’t help but laugh at their antics. They were funny so we applauded as they came over. We headed back into the field and won the game. I like to think our impromptu cheerleaders brought us luck.


The light is incredibly bright and white. People appear out of nowhere but seem to be placed in one of many lines. After they get over the initial shock over their arrival, they begin to talk.

– Where am I? Where are we?

– I have no idea. I’m just as bewildered as you.

– What were you doing? I was watching the news and heard a loud pop. All of a sudden I was here.

– I had been sick for a very long time and in immense pain. I guess I fell asleep but woke up here.

His new friend pinches him and he yelps. – Uh, you’re not asleep!

– Then where are we?

They watch a new arrival materialize and notice that she looks really old at first but slowly becomes younger right before their eyes.

-Wow! How did you do that?

The woman in front of them looked bewildered. – Do what?

-Got younger, right before our eyes!

– I can’t explain that. I can’t see myself.

– How old are you?

-Eighty five.

– Not anymore!

Musings on Being Me

Sometimes it’s strange to be a middle aged white female American. People make all sorts of assumptions about you. You look like a conservative so they assume you are one, “Don’t you think SCOTUS made a stupid decision today?” Ugh, no, I really don’t. I’m not anti- gay and I haven’t been since I was 12. “That Bernie Sanders is too radical! He’ll never win.” Ugh, I have followed his type of ideology since I was 11. In case you can’t see, my formative years were, well, formative. Then they have the nerve to say something stupid and racist and that’s when I go off. My best friend is African American. I’ve known her since I was 13. Because of her I’m a lot more sensitive to things than some other white folk.

Today was a rough day for our nation. Hell, it was a rough week but we got through it and I think we will be better for it. Kudos to Deb and Susan, Eric and Russell, Dale, Miguel, Bruno, Gavin…wherever you are….this is a day to celebrate.

I may get mad at the POTUS sometimes but I am glad that I saw him give that eulogy and start the singing “Amazing Grace” in front of that congregation. It’s nice to know that the leader of the free world is more afraid to sing in public than me. With some training he could sound really good but till then he shouldn’t quit his day job! Lol!

The Way, Way Back


Have you ever been in a relationship in which the other person didn’t realize how important something or someone was to you? The relationship probably didn’t last long….

Last night I wasn’t ready to go to bed so I watched the movie “The Way, Way Back.” It’s really good. It’s about a very shy, unhappy teenager (Duncan) whose mother Pam (Toni Collette) is enamored with a jerk named Trent (Steve Carrell). Pam makes Duncan come with her and Trent’s daughter to Trent’s beach house. Neither Trent nor his daughter are very kind to Duncan but Pam doesn’t seem to notice.

Feeling left out most of the time, Duncan wanders off to the local water park where he befriends one of the employees, Owen (played by Sam Rockwell). Owen tricks him into interacting with a group of local kids that are doing something that looks like break dancing on the property. Duncan is supposed to take away the cardboard they are dancing on but they insist he shows them some moves first. This is where Duncan starts coming out of his shell, he’s even given a nickname for his dance moves. Since Duncan is an employee he mainly stays with Owen but he does be friend the rest of the employees and some of the neighbor kids. Duncan, as well as Pam, realizes that Trent in cheating on her. Even though Trent claims he won’t do it again, Pam doesn’t seem to believe him thus the sudden departure of Trent, his daughter, Duncan and Pam. By now, Duncan does not want to leave and runs off to say good bye to his friends at the water park. The title of the movie is very strange but it’s meaning is apparent by the end when Pam decides to climb over two seat to the way, way back of Trent’s station wagon, to be with Duncan.

Common themes of this film are parenting, divorce and friendship, which are interrelated. All the younger characters in the film are affected by divorce. The children long to be with their other parent, the father, instead of being with their mother. Duncan, in particular, doesn’t mind his mother so much as he doesn’t like Trent. He doesn’t understand why his mother wants to be with him because Trent is a jerk. At the end it’s apparent that Pam has come to that conclusion to and even though Trent would want to stay together, Pam is unlikely to want the same. Parenting is also very important because the skills of the parents are called into question, especially by the kids. Decisions, or the lack thereof, are scrutinized. Pam is concerned for Duncan but not enough to change her behavior immediately.

Friendship is the most important theme. The friendship that develops between Owen and Duncan is very natural and transformative. Owen, though an adult, is not like the others. He is really a big kid. However, it takes someone from his age group to understand his humor. He literally uses the words to an old song as  a speech to some kids at the water park. I’m quite sure I have seen Sam Rockwell in a movie before but he was most memorable as Owen. Duncan’s transformation was mainly because of his friendship with Owen.

What happens after they return home is left unknown even though it is unlikely that Pam will reconcile with Trent. However, if Trent really wanted Pam’s heart, he should have treated Duncan much better.

Is “Proof” the New “X-files?

What happens after we die? Plenty of people claim to have the answer. Some say nothing. Others say you walk to a light. Still others say you go to a good place (heaven), if you have been good, a bad place (hell), if you have been bad and an in between place if it’s undecided by a supreme being. But will we ever have proof? When people report their near death experiences they are often not taken seriously but who else can really on besides those that have almost “crossed over to the other side?”

“Proof” seems to be willing to offer many so-called fictional accounts of near death experiences. I sat so- called fiction because the material used in the stories may come from real experiences. Why not since “Law and Order” episodes are often ripped from the headlines.

But, like the doctor in the program, I don’t think this is something that will ever be resolved and everyone will continue to have their own opinions or beliefs about what happens after we die. So, to each his or her own, as they say because everyone has a right to their own belief system.

I believe in heaven and hell but I can’t help but believe that he’ll is a state of mind. Maybe heaven is also a state of mind. image